but lean.

We are revolutionising the way companies track their supply chain. Our approach is simple, resiliant, and focused on the needs of small businesses.

One simple product,

a multitude of far-reaching benefits.

  • Increased supply chain resiliency through early fault detection
  • Reduced costs of operation through automated processes
  • Improved product value through verifiable audit trails
  • Improved market and funding access through ESG compliance

Our Technology


  • automates supply chain reporting 
  • real-time data 
  • documented API, integrates with Excel, your ERP and LIMS


  • undeniable accountability 
  • blockchain prevents data manipulation 
  • privacy by design 


  • modular build
  • reduced investments
  • minimum customization effort

Our Story

Who we are, and why we’re doing this.

Our Technology

Supply chain meets simple. Why it still works? Because of our secret sauce.

We're always ready for

Our Vision

We don’t want to do everything. Instead, let’s do this one thing right.

Our Use Cases

Each industry is different. Get in touch to find out more.

The people behind

Frank Kottler

Frank Kottler

Product Owner

Merging business and tech, Frank works with the tech team to ensure a top-notch product.

Konstantin Graf

Strategic Advisor

Konstantin loves solutions, and he’s on board to streamline our value creation: Keep what’s good, innovate the rest.

Attila Aldemir

Attila Aldemir

Lead Engineer

With years of experience in the enterprise and startup world, Attila is a hackathon blockchain champion with passion to create new ventures.

Christopher Nigischer

Strategic Advisor

With an impeccable understanding for markets, Christopher knows where to tap into – and also where to stay away from.

The way we’ve been certifying our data was just too complicated. certBLOC provides a solution without frills, easy to use and co-branded for our company.
Michael Weymans
BA Blockchain Akademie UG

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